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Information Security Policy

The bank is licensed and regulated by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)


This information security policy establishes an integrated set of measures that must be uniformly applied across CEMCS MFB to ensure a secured operating environment for its business operations. Customer Information, organisational information, supporting IT systems, processes and people that are generating, storing, and retrieving information are important assets of CEMCS MFB. The availability, integrity and confidentiality of information are essential in building and maintaining our competitive edge, cash flow, profitability, legal compliance, and respected company image.


CEMCS Microfinance Bank is a financial service institution licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. CEMCS MFB Limited was primarily set up to carry on the business of providing microfinance services such as savings, loans, domestic funds transfer and other financial services.


This Information Security Policy applies to all CEMCS MFB staff, contractors, consultants and any third party with access to CEMCS MFB information assets.

Policy Statement

This information security policy serves to provide CEMCS MFB with an approach to managing information risks and directives for the security of information assets and contracted services.

This policy will also help provide a framework for creating our Information Security Management objectives.

CEMCS MFB is committed to managing information risks and the protection of all organisational assets and will implement measures through an information security program to protect against breaches of confidentiality, failures of integrity or interruptions to the availability of its information assets.

CEMCS MFB is committed to the continual improvement of its information security program and will comply with all applicable legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements related to information security in its services and operations.

Users of CEMCS MFB information and information assets will comply with this policy and exercise a duty of care in relation to the operation and use of CEMCS MFB information and information systems

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