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The bank is licensed and regulated by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)


Our minimum is N100,000 and maximum amount is subject to applicants income and cash flow of SME's.

We offer loans to all and sundry ranging from Individual to Business loans.

It doesn't take longer than it ought to as long as the necessary requirements are adequately met (less than 3 working days).

Our interest rate differs depending on the loan amount. However, it is very competitive.

No fee or mandatory account opening is required before you can get a loan from us. No COT on CEMCS MFB account (zero COT on all CEMCS MFB account type).

A valid ID-card and proof of business ownership.

Proof of business ownership can be in form of shop rent receipt, invoices, goods/product receipt etc (Evidence to show your business have been in existence within the stipulated period).

Yes, at least one guarantor will be required for the loan process.

The interest amount will be calculated only on the remaining loan balance every month-end.

You must have a physical business location with tangible evidence that you do business and that the business is yours.

Flexible collateral arrangements depending on loan size (household goods, business equipment, goods in stock, vehicles, property etc.)

CEMCS MFB uses data from your phone, including your handset details and SMS messages to automatically make lending decisions. We combine this with your CEMCS MFB repayment history to build an individualised credit score, which determines the loan offers you receive.

If you don’t get accepted when you apply, don't worry! Sometimes it may take several attempts to qualify for a loan. We encourage you to continue saving data on your phone and to reapply after the period stipulated.

CEMCS MFB uses data from your phone as well as other sources to make a lending decision. To increase your chances of approval, please make sure to save the data on your phone, stay current with all other lenders, and correctly input your account details.

Banking Services

A valid ID-card, and a minimum balance of N1,000. You will also enjoy all charge-free mobile banking services (instant fund transfer, bill payment, utility bills, school fees, airtime top-up, balance enquiry).

National ID card, International Passport, Driver’s license, Permanent voter’s card etc. that has not yet expired.

Deposits can be made through various platforms available;

  1. Correspondent bank from our partner banks
  2. eBillsPay at any branch of all commercial banks in Nigeria
  3. internet banking transfer from all commercial banks in Nigeria.
  4. Electronic transfer
  5. Merchant Scheme from our partner banks.
  6. You can also visit: Our Payments Page


The interest rate currently is 4.2% per annum.

The interest rate depends on the amount and maturity period. It is negotiable.
The minimum amount is N30, 000.
The minimum tenor is 30days.
Yes, however accrued interest may be charged depending on the type of interest payment chosen.
Interest rate can be paid into your account monthly or upon maturity.


The CEMCS MFB Debit Card is a payment card that represents an electronic means of withdrawing money from your bank account or making purchases with the money in your bank account. The CEMCS MFB Debit Card can be used on any bank ATMs. It can also be used on POS terminals.

You can withdraw a maximum of N40,000 per transaction and perform up to five transactions per day. In all, a customer can withdraw a maximum of N200,000 in a day.

You can use your CEMCS MFB Bank card to pay for goods and services at millions of establishments worldwide. Your card will be accepted at any establishment that displays the MasterCard logo.

You can withdraw cash on your account from any ATM.

  • Allows you to make withdrawals and purchases on any MasterCard enabled ATM and POS.
  • You get 24/7 direct access to your personal funds allowing you pay for goods and services
  • It saves time and money, as you can spend directly from your account
  • You can shop conveniently and pay for goods and services anywhere in the Country
  • With CEMCS MFB MasterCard you enjoy unlimited FREEDOM.
  • Your card remains valid for three years

Yes, the delivery cost is a function of the delivery location. The delivery cost will be displayed to you while requesting your debit card.

At the moment, there are no charges incurred for owning a Branch Debit card.

Visit our branches and submit a letter of complaint to the Client Adviser of your branch. The letter must include account number and/or PAN.

Submit a request for a new PIN through the CSU officers of your branch and a new PIN will be issued to you.

Yes you can tie additional accounts to your Debit Card. For fresh requests, there is provision on the Application Form for the main (default) account number to be documented. There is also the space provided on the same form for the other account numbers (that the customer has, with CEMCS MFB Bank and would like access to).If the customer has got his access codes for a particular account and would like to add another account to the facility, he /she is required to write a letter to that effect. The letter, which must be duly signed by him, must have the following details:

  • Full Names
  • Account numbers (both existing and new)
  • Full Names


Please log all transaction disputes via either of the following channels:


This is our mobile payment solution with which CEMCS MFB customers can operate their accounts from the convenience of their homes/offices and carry out basic financial transactions using their mobile phones.

  • Transfers
  • Repayment
  • Bill payment
  • Airtime top

A daily transfer amount of N1, 000,000 can be done using CEMCS MFB Mobile.

The limit allowed per transaction is N100, 000.

No. All transactions on CEMCS MFB Mobile are Free Of Charge irrespective of the number of times used. This is freedom.

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All ABN account holders, Corporate and individual.

Go to Google Play, search for “CEMCS MFB” then click “Update”.

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